Help a Hawaii Small Business Secure a Grant by Supporting Them With a Vote


Small businesses are the future of commerce both in Hawaii and around the nation. More and more people are starting small businesses but the competition can be very strong. Why not help a Hawaii small business secure a grant by taking less than a minute to cast a vote that will help them secure a much-needed small business grant?

Locally owned and operated, “My Writing Tree” is a small but growing Hawaii business that was built to help individuals and other small business owners put their products out their. My Writing Tree offers professional WordPress web design services and content writing services. The produce copyrighting content, articles, business plans, and basically any other type of content writing imaginable for their clients. They are basically a one-stop for all writing and WordPress web design needs. The kicker? They offer these services for a lot less than many of the bigger companies would, and they are locally owned an operated.

Right now Chase and Living Social have teamed together to offer up to 12 $250,000 grants for small businesses around the United States. The best part is that it is not a “most votes wins” contest. The deal is that all businesses that sign up and enter he contest have to have 250 votes by the end of June to be eligible to go before the board for the grant.

Every now and then Beyond Honolulu will write something in support of local businesses, people or causes. We feel that My Writing Tree has something unique to offer and we would love to see them get the 250 needed votes to be eligible to go before the Chase and Living Social board.

There are thousands of locally owned small businesses, so take minute or two to help one of the up and coming ones. Information and links are below. Please take a minute to vote for My Writing Tree, a Hawaii based small business. Aloha.

How to Vote

Go to the Mission Small Business Website. On the right you will see “LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK TO SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY.” Simply log in using that and you will be taken to a search form.

Search “My Writing Tree” and the business will pop up. Just hit the vote button and you are good to go. You can also share your vote with your friends if you would like. If you do, make sure you note what company you voted for (My Writing Tree).

All of My Writing Tree’s contact info is also there, so if you need a website designed or need some writing services simply hit them up. They can be contacted at

Help support a local small business now! Voting is open until the end of June.

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